Friday, December 29, 2006

Meta-Dabble on Sage, Specialization

Following Svenpundit's funny metapost on "Alternate Universe Blogging" I'll allow myself a meta-dabble too, albeit -- as it where -- in a tediously Scandinavian manner.

I finally settled on a feed-reader after trying out a few and looking at a few more. Sage it is. Integrates automatically with Firefox, and the two basic functionalities -- update feeds and find feeds on open tab -- work easily. The only thing I kind of miss is the possibility to have all new feeds aggregated on the same page -- a bit like Google News.

So reading the blogs got a lot easier -- but also troublesome. For a fox (as opposed to hedgehog) incarnate, there's just too much to take in ... or rather: too little time. Moreover, the hedgehog-like call for specialization as a comparative advantage in the bloguniverse is even more pressing when the feeds are so readily available. But hey, I asked for it.

A final note: All of a sudden it strikes me, that since I can read anyone's posts without going to their URLs my visit will probably not be detected by their SiteMeter function? Or are these hits still accounted for?


mark said...

LOL! It isn't being of Scandinavian descent that makes one tedious ( though that helps)but gravitating toward accounting....

Draconian Observations said...

Hi Mark,

Just joking - but even so, Ibsen sure didn't have a lot of fun.

Actually your distinction doesn't hold up in court as Scandinavians are both 1) Germanic, hence prone to meticulous organization and 2) Protestants, hence steeped in the theological notion of total depravity. Maybe the tentative conclusion is that systematization doesn't have to be boring since it accentuates anything, even depravity?

But then I am not enough of a sofist to get us from there to the Swedish photographs :-)