Thursday, December 07, 2006

Give A Goat! Private Sector Development Reversed

Private sector based development projects are all the rage because of the promise of private sector organizational professionalization, market driven innovation for efficient solutions and economically self-sustainable projects. On the other hand, traditional NGOs are also looking for ways to build and sustain development awareness in donor countries ... and some of them are cleverly going with the private sector logic. Danish NGO DanChurchAid has come up with a cool and optimistic packaging for a classic donor funding run: "Give A Goat" the campaign is entitled.

The concept is that one can offer "a goat" or other different virtual gifts to a friend or relative: the person then receives a notification of the gift -- while the gift itself goes to a precisely defined recipient project. And its all net-based -- including a webpayment shop. The concept is cool: optimistic, easy to use and understand, and fits perfectly a price range of normal courtesy gifts. Kudos to DCA.

Link to the presents (in Danish but with pictures and prices in kroner: about 6 kroner buys a US dollar).
English language link to DCA.

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