Friday, December 08, 2006

Dave! Goes On For A Few More Years

Letterman has signed up for a few more years at the CBS much to the satisfaction of us here at Dracobs Central.
[T]he Late Show" host will remain at CBS through the fall of 2010, which would give him 17 years there. He took up residence at CBS in 1993, after 11-plus years hosting "Late Night" on NBC. "I'm thrilled to be continuing on at CBS," Letterman says, adding, "At my age you really don't want to have to learn a new commute." The extension will keep Letterman on the air longer than Jay Leno, the man NBC chose over him to replace Johnny Carson as host of "The Tonight Show." Leno is slated to cede his spot to current "Late Night" host Conan O'Brien in 2009. "The Late Show" has won nine Emmys during its time on CBS, including six for outstanding variety, music or comedy series. Letterman will celebrate 25 years in late-night TV in February.
The only Danish relayer of Dave's genius, TV2 Zulu, stopped broadcasting Letterman a few weeks ago -- but just announced that they will resume broadcasts after a massive protest from viewers! In any case, there's still YouTube and this classic Steve Martin skit above.

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