Sunday, July 30, 2006

Democratic Aspirations to Leadership in National Security

Just a quick addition to these earlier posts on US Foreign Policy in Search of a Via Media and on The Waning Momentum of Freedom.

The Progressive Policy Institute, affiliated with the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) has recently published a tome of essays entitled With All Our Might: A Progressive Strategy for Defeating Jihadism and Defending Liberty, which continues in the vein of the 2003 Asmus report:
Instead of falling back on easy criticisms of the administration's blunders in Iraq, [the] book argues that progressives should seize the moment by proposing a comprehensive agenda for winning the war against jihadist terrorism -- an agenda rooted in the tough-minded, internationalist tradition of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy.
Contributors include Ronald D. Asmus, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Kevin Pollack, Larry Diamond and Graham Allison: table of contents here. From the chapter summaries:
The book WITH ALL OUR MIGHT proceeds from three premises: First, defeating Islamist extremism is America’s top security imperative. Second, victory demands a new strategy that is both tough and smart. Third, progressives should stop reacting to President Bush and start leading on national security.
Looks interesting: but positive political ramifications are still dependent on whether the Democrats can sort out the messy challenge from the anti-globalization wing. Will these ideas be convincing and catch on in that camp? Will they be read at all at the European centre-left? And why is there so little comparably proactive foreign policy analysis and conjecture coming out of politically connected academic and policy circles in Europe?

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